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P G Diploma Programmes - Bharathidasan University

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    The following programs are offered: • PG Diploma E-Learning (Part-Time) • PG Diploma Yoga (Part-Time) • PG Diploma Fitness Management (Part-Time) • PG Diploma Life Skills and Management (FT/PT) • PG Diploma Micro and Small Enterprise Development (FT/PT) • PG Diploma Bharathidasan Studies • PG Diploma DBT-Advanced • PG Diploma in Molecular Diagnostics • PG Diploma Environmental Genomics • PG Diploma Digital Library & knowledge Management (F.T. P.) • PG Diploma Counseling and Pedagogy for Parenting special Children • PG Diploma Guidance and Counseling for Special needs (C.C.) • PG Diploma Inclusive Training and Development (C.C.)

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